The Red Room with the two side cabinets was reserved for special occasions and was decorated by Goethe’s father with dignified elegance. This can already be seen in the rococo plaster on the ceiling, which is more sumptuous than in the other rooms. The red silk brocade of the curtains and the upholstery gives the room a ceremonial atmosphere. This is reinforced by the trumeau mirrors and the rococo chandelier with its crystal prisms – they reflect the light and make the room glow in the blaze of the candlelight. Because of the oilcloth wallpaper with the Chinese patters, the Red Room was also called the “Peking”.

This is where the family held their celebrations, for example the marriage of Goethe’s sister Cornelia or the Shakespeare day organized by Goethe on 14 October 1771.

For a private dwelling, the house was adequately spacious. It was thoroughly bright and cheerful, the staircase unenclosed, the corridors pleasant, and the view over the gardens readily enjoyable from several windows. Completion of the interior and everything connected with finishing and decoration proceeded gradually and served both as employment and entertainment. [...] Cleanliness and order prevailed throughout, and large windowpanes of plate glass were the main factor in achieving a perfect brightness...

Goethe: From My Life. Poetry and Truth, part 1 , book 1