It is likely that this room was the parents’ living and sleeping area. You must imagine it containing a large, canopied bed with curtains. The portraits of Johann Caspar and Catharina Elisabeth Goethe on each side of the door to the painting cabinet are reminiscences of the parents.


In Poetry and Truth Goethe describes the members of his family:

[...] a loving, well-disposed, but sober-minded father, who hid his tender heart, with incredible persistence, under an outward bearing of iron sternness, so that he might achieve his goals, which were to give his children the best bringing-up and to build, regulate, and maintain his solid house; and, on the other hand, a mother who was still almost a child herself and developed a conscious individuality only in and along with her two eldest offspring. We three took in the world with a healthy, vital gaze and demanded immediate gratification. This simmering family conflict worsened through the years. The father pursued his aims without swerving or pausing; the mother and children could not relinquish their feelings, their demands, and their wishes.

Goethe: From My Life. Poetry and Truth, part 2 , book 6